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Allocation Committee

The names of allocation committee members are anonymous to protect their neutrality.

The volunteer members of this committee hold a very important role in maintaining the integrity of the Centraide/United Way Prescott-Russell. They ensure our funding selection process is fair, transparent and free from bias or outside influence.

The 4-6 volunteers that comprise this committee are neural but informed citizens of Prescott-Russell. They are called upon only once per year in late June to independently assess grant applications based on our funding criteria and priorities. These independent assessments are then compiled to establish the annual funding levels for all applicant organizations.    

We are very proud of this process and of the committee members who are a part of it.

Committee members must:

  • Have high ethical standards
  • Be passionate about their community
  • Not be affiliated with the applicant organizations
  • Demonstrate excellent judgement
  • Have the ability to assess a grant application

If you meet this criteria and are interested in becoming an Allocation Committee member, please contact us.